I am offering a scholarship for Brown and Black aspiring students and musicians. Please contact me if interested!

Welcome future piano students! I offer both in person and zoom lessons!


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Over the years Amy has developed her own methods of teaching. She continues to study with other instructors who contribute to and influence her own teaching methods.  Her classical training helped her ease into jazz where she studied with various jazz instructors such as Susan Muscarella, director of the Jazz School in Berkeley, Peter Horvath, Frank Martin, Si Perkoff, Colin Hogan, Misha Piatigorsky, and Russell Ferrante with the Yellowjackets.

 All of the music training and experience has transcended into Amy's teaching abilities, giving her students a very versatile education in music that incorporates reading notation, playing by ear, technique, jazz harmony, musical expression, and improvisation.  Amy encourages students to compose music and reminds them that listening to music is just as important as practicing.  

Amy teaches at her home studio loft in Oakland, Ca. To inquire about lessons, contact Amy using the form below or click here.  

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"My daughter is 9 and she's been taking lessons with Amy for over a year now. Amy is so great with kids, especially with our daughter who is shy. Amy really connects with kids and makes it fun and has helped our daughter come out of her shell with the piano. Kids and parents are rewarded several times a year when Amy organizes (on her own dime) a piano recital. Not only do we get to see our daughter play but we also  see many of her students play as well. The plus is we get to see Amy in action when she jumps in on backup vocals or plays  piano alongside another student. We're so happy we found her and recommend her without hesitation!"


"The breadth of Amy's knowledge is truly impressive, it's rare to see a generalist that carries such depth across such a vast array of musicianship. We never simply learn a piece and then move onto the next one, there is theory/mechanics/technique marbled throughout the process and she is always encouraging the student to take an active role in guiding their own pedagogy. Definitely one of those uncommon talents which make the interpersonal substrate of the Bay Area the unique environment that it is."


"Amy has been teaching my son for two years. She is the perfect mix of encouragement and expectations. My son has responded very well to her style which emphasizes musical theory but allows the children to experiment as well. She hold concerts for her student 1-2 times a year which are incredible as you can see the broad range of talent she has coached for many years. Bottom line -- we feel so lucky to have found her. "


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